This Week in Avalanche, Oct 1, 2020

MoneyDance Begins

Avalanche News
Staking (P-Chain)
  • Stats:

    • 66% staking ratio (238,723,206 AVAX) - ↑ 1% from last week

    • ~11% current staking reward per year

    • 518 Validators - ↑ 44 from last week

Asset Layer (X-Chain)
  • 119 assets have been issued on the X-chain - ↑ 8 from last week

  • NFTs have arrived on the X-Chain. @Sanghren has created a limited edition AVAX hat (AVHAT) collectable, check out the github repo if you’re interested in how it was done.

Dapp layer (C-Chain)
  • NoTex, a global censorship resistant blogging and intellectual property platform, added support for Avalanche by deploying on the C-Chain.

  • The MoneyDance summit kicked off this week with a host of talks from well known figures in the industry. The next round of talks is on October 7, you can check out the agenda here.

  • All MoneyDance videos are available on the Ava Labs youtube page. I recommend Olaf’s talk on Corporations from the future.

Podcasts, Interviews & Misc
Upcoming Dates
  • Sept 28 - Dec 9: MoneyDance Hackathon

  • Oct 7 - Next round of speakers for MoneyDance

  • Dec 9: MoneyDance Demo Day

About me & the newsletter

I’m a long term investor & enthusiast in the space. I’ve been interested in Avalanche for a while & decided to start this to keep up with the project & hopefully enable others too as well. If I’ve missed anything or you want me to include something for next week please let me know! You can reach me at @_ed1990_ on twitter or @edwardwill1 on telegram.

P.S. This is heavily inspired by Week in Ethereum by Evan Van Ness, please consider subscribing and donating to his Gitcoin grant.