This Week in Avalanche, Sept 27, 2020

Mainnet & More

Avalanche News
  • Mainnet has launched! On September 21st (just) AVAX went live with 188mil AVAX staked across 260 validators on day 1. Mainnet has been running smooth ever since.

  • Avalanche wallet is live, you can use it to create accounts and access the network

  • AVAX Ledger integration is upcoming after it has released you’ll be able to store AVAX in a secure hardware wallet

  • Athereum, a proposed Ethereum fork deployed as a subnet, has been making some waves in the Ethereum community. There’s some community discussion about what % (if any) of ATH should go to AVAX holders.

  • If you didn’t update your AVAX address prior to mainnet reach out to ASAP, they can help you (but you might need to be a little patient).

Staking (P-Chain)
  • Stats:

    • 65% staking ratio (232,649,603 AVAX)

    • ~11% current staking reward per year

    • 474 Validators

Asset Layer (X-Chain)
  • 111 assets have been issued on the X-chain.

  • Various meme coin airdrops are ongoing. MOON & Baguette appear to be the most popular, it’s a nice way to test out the network but don’t expect these things to have any value.

  • An introduction to the AVM - a workshop with Gabriel Cardona

Dapp layer (C-Chain)
  • The C-Chain is live but hasn’t seen much activity yet. If you’re a developer use this tutorial to get started.

Podcasts, Interviews & Misc
  • Emin interviewed on Crypt0’s youtube channel. Omar, the host was certainly impressed, afterwards he tweeted this.

  • Emin interviewed on Coin Fugazi, recorded just before mainnet launch.

  • A Dive Into Avalanche: A high level overview of AVAX, published by Coinmarketcap & written by Emin.

  • CZ from Binance had some nice words to say, recognising AVAX as a serious competitor.

  • Interesting tweet thread critiquing Avalanches approach to fees. Another one, this time on rewards in Avalanche consensus. And a third on safety in Avalanche consensus. Kevin responded to the claims here.

Upcoming Dates
  • Sept 28 - Dec 9: MoneyDance Hackathon

  • Dec 9: MoneyDance Demo Day

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About me & the newsletter

I’m a long term investor & enthusiast in the space. I’ve been interested in Avalanche for a while & decided to start this to keep up with the project & hopefully enable others too as well. If I’ve missed anything or you want me to include something for next week please let me know! You can reach me at @_ed1990_ on twitter or @edwardwill1 on telegram.

P.S. This is heavily inspired by Week in Ethereum by Evan Van Ness, please consider subscribing and donating to his Gitcoin grant.